Whether your project is local, national, or international, Perry Associates provides construction management consulting services to owners, general contractors, subcontractors, engineers, architects and their respective attorneys. 


Perry Associates serves all types and sizes of projects from bridges, tunnels, railways and roadways, airports and train stations, pharmaceutical facilities, water and wastewater treatment plants, consulates, embassies, casinos, educational facilities, multi-residential and commercial properties, both public and private.


PA specializes in management of the commercial aspects of construction projects: cost, contracts, and schedules.  We won’t tell you how to build your project or how to staff it, but we will help you incorporate effective project controls and commercial management practices which will help position your projects for a successful outcome while protecting your commercial interests.

Project Scheduling 

From baseline schedule development, to monthly updates that incorporate change management as it happens, to forensic or contemporaneous Time Impact Analyses, PA provides all levels of scheduling services necessary for proactive and responsible project management.  Because we understand what can go wrong when schedules are not prepared and updated properly and comprehensively, PA prepares all of its schedule products ever mindful of the commercial implications.

Expert Construction Claims Services

Our approach to claims development focuses first on articulating the claim then explaining why it is being claimed. Providing this clear definition increases the likelihood that the opposing side will understand and accept the merits of the claim, which allows them to move on to review the   claimed cost calculations and supporting documents, both of which are necessary to achieve an amicable settlement of the claim. If an amicable settlement is not achieved at the project level, PA can also assist its client through all levels of claim resolution from Issue Resolution Ladders to Disputes Review Boards to mediation, arbitration, and into court, if necessary, through expert testimony.


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